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How to replace your toilet seat

Is your toilet seating looking a little drab and worse-for-wear? Once you have purchased your new toilet seat (make sure it’s the right size!), take a look at the instructions and watch our video to get going. You’ll have a sparkly new seat in no time!


*How to replace your toilet seat *

*Health and safety - The instructions in this video are designed to HELP YOU. If you do not feel confident or able to complete the repair safely, please seek further help and advice.*

“Right to change a toilet seat, first off you might want to wear rubber gloves for hygiene purposes, to get your new toilet seat, you can get them from any local hardware store really there all pretty much the same size, this toilet seat here for instance, there all pretty much the same the new toilet seat you get will come with instructions so follow them on fitting because they do vary from seat to seat.”

“Basically on this one there’s two plastic butterfly nuts underneath we’re going to undo, they should only be hand tight, so here we go, turn them anti-clockwise and once you’ve taken the last bolt off, the toilet seat should just simply come off like so, on this toilet seat those bolts come off and the nuts will come in a separate bag but the toilet seat will already come assembled like so, like I say the new toilet seat it may vary, but obviously it comes with instructions, follow the instructions but it’ll all be pretty similar.”

“So to out this toilet seat back on you need to get these and slide them into place like so, make sure they go through the holes on your toilet and these nuts go back on hand tight, once you’ve tightened them up just make sure the toilet seats secure, jobs a good un’.”