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How to replace a bulb in a covered fitting

If you know how to replace a normal bulb, you can replace a bulb in a covered fitting. Buy your new bulb, taking with you the old one to compare, then simply remove the concealed fitting as shown on this video and swap the bulbs. Be sure to turn off the switch first!


*How to replace a bulb in a covered fitting*

*For Health and Safety in this video are designed to HELP YOU. If you do not feel confident or able to complete the repair safely, please seek further help and advice.  If you’re a Bromford customer, feel free to call 0330 1234 034*

“I’m here today to show you how to change a light bulb in a concealed light fitting.”

“First thing you’ll have to do is take the cover off. Now this one has screws, so all you’ll have to do is undo the screws, but some of them vary. Some of them you might have to pull off, twist off or get a little flat head screwdriver and undo the clips. You’ll need to assess this yourself before taking the cover off.”

“I’m just going to take the cover off. Now you’ll need to take the bulb out. Now make sure the bulb is cool as bulbs can get very hot while they’ve been on.”

“Most of these fittings, the bulb just pulls out like so, but some of them may screw out. You’re going to have to assess this again before doing so.”

“Now, to get the new bulb, you’re best off taking the old bulb with you to your local hardware store so you can get an exact match for it. Once you have your new bulb, obviously put it back in, like so, and then we’ll need to put the cover back on.”

“Once you’re done, just test it to make sure it’s working, and there we go!”

*If you have followed these steps and you still have a fault or if you’re unsure, please contact us: 0330 1234 034. Facebook: Twitter: @Bromfordhelp*