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Do you have a broken boiler? Here’s what you can check

We all have issues with our boilers from time to time. Our first reaction is to call a plumber, but did you know that often we can easily fix some common boiler faults, in a few simple steps? 

Check your boiler user guide: 

 If your pipes freeze:


This video takes you through some of the most common fault checks to get your boiler back in business.

Here's the transcript for this video


*What you can check*

*For health and safety, the instructions on this video are designed to help you.*

*If you do not feel confident or able to complete the repair safely, please seek further help and advice.*

*If you’re a Bromford customer, feel free to call 0330 1234 034*

 “My name’s Matthew Davies, I’m a Bromford Living gas surveyor, and today we’re going to look at common issues with faults on boilers that can lead to breakdowns of heating and hot water.”

“Some of these faults may be simple, everyday occurrences, that you yourself, the customer, can put right and save yourselves time waiting in, or phoning us up for a breakdown engineer to call.”

“In this scenario we have a boiler in the airing cupboard, along with a timer and a fuse spur, which supplies power to the boiler. The common fault can be that your display on the clock and the boiler is completely blank, this sometimes is because the fuse spur has been accidently knocked off. In this scenario, in an airing cupboard this can sometimes be easily done by getting towels in and out of the airing cupboard, and you can occasionally catch that as you do remove towels, or put towels in. This will then lead to the display on the timer being completely blank, same with the boiler.”

“Now you may not know you’ve done this, obviously because towels will be up to this level, so it’s always worth finding the fuse spur, and just making sure that it’s actually turned on, in that position. It might be as simple as that, but your displays will come back on and you’ll have heating and hot water again.”

“These fuse spurs are also in the kitchen scenario. They could be at work surface height and occasionally they’re knocked off by moving coffee pots or jugs, sugar, sugar pots and can also be knocked off into the off position and it’s always worth checking first to make sure it’s on.”

“If you do find that the fuse spur is on the on position and the display on your timer is blank and the display on your boiler is blank, then you would need to give us a call.”

“Having made sure that your timer is on and calling for heat, you also need to check your room stat and makes sure that hasn’t been turned down accidently and is also calling for heat. Here we have it turned down below ten degrees so the heating will not come on until we’ve turned it up, I suggest initially you turn it all the way up to thirty and wait and see if your radiators start to heat up. Having done that you can then turn it back down to a comfortable temperature that suits yourself, usually about twenty-one.”

“Another common reason for the gas boiler going off is if you have a pre-payment meter like this one here, often it can run out of credit and you’ll need to check this before calling us out, if you have a gas appliance such as a cooker, you can always check the cooker, make sure that’s working. If not you need to go to your meter, press the ‘A’ button and follow the on screen instructions. It will tell you whether you have credit or whether the meter is off and you need to re-credit it. If it is off, you need to get your card, insert it into the meter and it you have... follow the onscreen instructions. If you have no credit on the card you need to go to the local top up point, re-credit your card and then re-insert it into the meter and add the credit on.”

“If you followed all these steps and your boiler’s still not working or you unsure, simply call this number below”

*0330 1234 034*

“Thanks for watching”