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Gas bills

With gas and electricity prices going up, every watt and volt is important to us. Here are some ways you can save on your bill.

Government grants

  • Cold Weather payment - if you receive certain benefits, you could be entitled to a cold weather payment. These payments are made if the temperature is recorded or forecasted on average or below zero degrees for 7 consecutive days.

Switching your energy supplier

  • Are you getting the best deal available with your current gas and electricity supplier? You may be paying more than you need to. Shopping around could help you save on your bills and leave you with some spare cash to spend elsewhere.

    Try using uSwitch or Which? to compare gas and electricity tariffs and see if you can start saving today.

  Find out more about how to switch energy suppliers on our dedicated page.

Saving around the home

Close the curtains

Leave your curtains open in the day. The sunlight can help heat your home. Then close your curtains at dusk to help any heat built up from escaping through your windows.

If you can, buy thick curtains. Especially those with a thermal lining. Also, tuck curtains behind radiators if they are under your windows as this will help to keep heat in.

Close the doors

Keep doors closed so you can retain the heat in the room.

Just 1 Degree can make a difference

Turn down your central heating dial by 1 degree and you could save 10% on your bills!

Try a draft excluder

Keep these in front of draughty doors to help keep in the heat. To save money, why not make your own draft excluder.

  • Try not to hang clothes on radiators as the heat cannot convect from the radiator.
  • Move furniture away from in front of a radiator. You may only be heating up the furniture.

You can find more hints and tips on saving on electricity and gas through Which? and the Guardian. 

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