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Get ready for Universal Credit

Universal Credit will be a big change to how you may have managed your money before.

There are different ways you can prepare for Universal Credit.

Firstly, check to see what you need to do using The Money Advice Service's money manager tool

This video from the Money Advice Service explains the main changes and how you can prepare.

When will Universal Credit start?

Universal Credit is being gradually rolled out to different areas from 16th February 2015.

To begin, Universal Credit will only be available to claimants who are single, unemployed and have no children.

Completing your Universal Credit application form

You will need to apply for Universal Credit online. When you start to complete your application form, you will need to know the following:

  • You will need to have rent statements and information on any rent free weeks you're entitled to at hand.
  • Once you start your application, you cannot stop, go back or save.
  • On your application, you will be asked if you're paying 'housing costs'. This means your rent. If you recieve Housing Benefit, you will need to tick 'Yes'.

If you need any advice, call the Universal Credit Helpline on 0345 600 0723. 

To apply online, click here.

Get prepared for Universal Credit

You can then find out more information on how to prepare below:

Open a Bank Account       Create a Budget Planner
Set up a Direct Debit        Increasing your Income 
Money Management         Get back into work
Get Online                      Getting the right benefits