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Pay to stay

If you want to stay in your home, you will need to pay the extra money you lost because of Bedroom Tax.

There are different ways you can pay your rent, from direct debits to swipe cards, but here are some options to help you find the extra money:

Increase your payments - If you have the money available you can use it to cover the cost of Bedroom Tax and stay in your current home. There are different ways you can pay.

Money saving tips - See how your money can go further and cover the Bedroom Tax.

Benefits advisor - Check whether you are getting the right benefits and whether you may be entitled to additional funds. This benefits calculator will also show you how much you would be better off in work.

Discretionary housing payment - If you are foster carer or live in a property with adaptations for people with a disability, you may qualify for a discretionary housing payment through your local council. The council will have the decision on who they can award this payment to find your local council. Please be aware that these payments are given for a limited time and are to be used as a short term solution. To find different ways of saving money, check out our money saving tips.

Financial support and advice - We have a host of further information that can help you with your finances and to make your money go further.

Take a lodger - You may be able to earn additional income from a lodger but remember to check with us first to ensure your tenancy agreement allows lodgers.

We can also visit you at home to discuss your options - to arrange a home visit simply contact us