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Council Tax Support

From April 2013 Council Tax Benefit was abolished and the Government has asked each Local Authority to replace it with their own local scheme called Council Tax Support. As a result there are two schemes which came into effect on that date:

  • A scheme for pensioners based on a national framework, administered locally (this claimant group will be protected from changes.)
  • A scheme for working age customers set and administered locally. 

The Government is reducing the grant it gives to Local Authorities to meet the cost of Council Tax Benefit by at least 10%.

Who will be affected by the Council Tax Benefit changes?

If you are working age, these changes mean that you may be affected if you receive Council Tax Benefit and depending on where you live, you may not receive the full entitlement you were previously receiving. If you're affected, you will need to make up the shortfall yourself.

Who won't be affected by the Council Tax Benefit changes?

You wont be affected by this change if:

  • You are disabled and qualify for a severe disability premium,
  • You have children under 5.
  • You receive a war widow's or widower's disablement pension.

Are there any other changes to Council Tax Benefit?

The 'Second Adult Rebate', which entitled you to 25% off your council tax bill if you had an adult living in the home on a low income, has also been abolished since 1st April 2013.

How can I check to see whether I am affected?

To see if you're going to be affected, you will need to speak to your Local Authority.