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Service updates

As we return to normal, here's how you can contact us:

We are now starting to contact customers to rebook missed repair appointments.

Service updates here


We believe a home is far more than just bricks and mortar and we want each of our customers to feel part of a safe and connected community. Being happy and active where you live is a really important part of being a Bromford customer as we know that being in the right environment will help you to thrive.

There are lots of different ways you can get involved in your local community, from simply getting to know your neighbours to exploring what's on offer in your area. We've put together some information below to help support you and your community.

If you need further information or some help to find resources, then please feel free to contact your neighbourhood coach who will help you get started. They won’t know everything, but they may have a few useful tips. We also have a dedicated ‘opportunities team’ who can help you get into volunteering, improve your confidence and gain skills.