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We want the customer voice to influence and shape everything we do, because the best way for us to improve our services is to listen to what you are telling us.

There are already many ways for you to tell us about your experiences as a customer: from talking to your neighbourhood coach, to taking part in a survey, to raising a complaint. We are keen to explore other means for you to engage with us around your daily life commitments.


What opportunities are there for you?

Lead and influence

Customer and Community Influence Network (CCIN): Join the strategic customer-led group CCIN to ensure we are meeting the Regulator’s for Social Housing consumer regulations, delivering on our customer facing service standards, leading on scrutiny and identifying areas for service improvement. The CCIN has a direct link to the Bromford Board. 

Locality Influence Networks (LINs): Join a LIN customer-led group of your choice in any one of our four key geographical areas: Central, Staffordshire and the Marches, Gloucestershire and West of England. LIN groups provide an important feedback channel that enables us to listen and act on the customer voice.   

Shape and co-create

Online workshops: Join online workshops to give your feedback on a particular service area.

Service reviews: Help us define problems and explore solutions to particular service issues helping us to map out an end-to-end journey to look for service improvements. 

Digital services tester: Give us feedback when we have tweaked our online service offer before we press the live button. 

Tests and pilots: Help us test the home of the future by experimenting with new technology that could improve your homes, for example using sensors in your home.

Online polls: Fill out quick online polls when we have a specific question to ask you.

Improve communities and neighbourhoods

Have a conversation with your neighbourhood coach: Every year you are invited to take part in your annual customer review to help you thrive in your home and community.

Community surgeries and community events: Join us at a community surgery or community event to give us your views on your neighbourhood and potential estate improvements.


As part of the Bromford Strategy 2023 – 2027 we are focusing on the places where you live and work. We are currently exploring how this new approach and way of working will link and engage with customers and communities.

Find out more

If you want to find out more or you have specific ideas about how we can improve our services, there are lots of different ways you can get involved. If you're interested in finding out more contact Delphine Guillemoteau, Customer Involvement Officer,


How are we performing?

From April 2023 we have been recording our performance against the Regulator for Social Housing’s Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM).

Twelve of the 22 measures show customer satisfaction with the services we provide and gives an overview of what our customers are telling us about our services.

Find out more about how we've been performing.