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We believe a home can provide a springboard for what you want to achieve in your life.

We’re only too conscious of the current housing shortages across England and therefore an important and continuous focus for Bromford is increasing the supply of new homes. Despite the clear need for quantity, we also want our homes to be of the right size and in the best locations so that we are not just building homes, but sustainable communities which meet the aspirations of new customers.

We’ve committed to building approximately 14,000 homes in the next ten years and, wherever possible, these will be built without reliance on Government grant. An increasing number will also be built by our construction team on land we own, and we believe this sustainable approach is key in genuinely adding to the nation’s supply of new homes.



Strategic land and partnerships

We believe that building the right homes for our customers will help them achieve their goals or aspirations and create vibrant, sustainable communities for all. With this in mind, we’re prepared to work in different ways to secure major projects.

Joint ventures, pre-funding and our extensive expertise can be utilised to secure affordable homes on new major development sites. We can offer even more through our community engagement and The Bromford Deal, which can truly add value to large scale projects as they are planned and developed. Contact our business development managers Trevor Rowe for more information on how we can add value to your development.

Section 106 

Our relationship with house builders, developers and land owners is still remains important to us, supporting their projects to ensure good quality affordable homes. Early involvement is welcomed by our team to help guide and shape projects to aid delivery.

John Wade is director of strategy at Bromford and here he talks about the difference having the right home can make. Click below to read more...