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Homes Direct is changing and from March 2021, properties advertised on the website will begin to be withdrawn ahead of its full closure. 

For now, nothing is changing, and it is business as usual. That means you can still register and bid for a home as you would normally do on Homes Direct up until Wednesday 31 March 2021. Most local authorities already have their own, bespoke way for letting homes to people with a housing need. So, if you haven’t already, please contact your local council as soon as possible as you will need to register with the relevant local authority to be considered for a new home moving forward. 

If you are registered on Homes Direct and already live in or have a local area connection to Lichfield, where Bromford has a significant number of homes, we are pleased to say a Choice Based Lettings Scheme is currently being worked on and further information on this will be released by our partners at Lichfield District Council in due course. Once we have additional details to share, we will contact you, however, in the interim you can continue using Homes Direct as you would normally do. 

We will also be updating this page regularly with the latest information so please keep checking back for the latest updates. You can also find further information on the changes to Homes Direct on their website.