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Bad weather conditions can sometimes lead to fences being damaged or falling over completely.

Here's a guide to what we will do and what you are responsible for. If you are in doubt, you can contact us.

  • This will depend on whose boundary the fence is on.

    • Does the fence divide your property and another rented Bromford property?

    If this applies to you then you will have an equal share of responsibility (50/50) for fencing replacement and repair.  It is incorrect to assume that the fence to the left is your responsibility, as we have determined that inter garden fences between two rented Bromford homes will have shared responsibility.

    • Does your fence divide your property and property/land not owned by Bromford?

    If this applies to you then you will need to speak to your neighbour and come to an arrangement on who is responsible for the fence and ultimately cost of the replacement.

    • Does your fence divide your property with:
      1. land thought to be owned by a public authority, such as a school, or
      2. a scheme that is not owned by Bromford?

    If this applies to you then we can investigate for you. To do this, just drop us an email or complete the form on our Contact us page. Please make sure you provide specific details on which fence you're referring to, as this will help our Contact Team or Commercial Property Team find the correct details.

  • Public boundary fences – This is when a fence divides your property with a public walkway, path, garages, parking area or a public open space that Bromford is responsible for. If the public open space is thought to be owned by the local authority and not Bromford then we would have to check the responsibility.

    Supported Housing Schemes - Dividing fences within a supported housing scheme, this does not include perimeter fencing that divides private properties or land.

  • You can look at your deeds to determine boundary ownership. However, if you do not have access to your deeds, you can contact the land registry for a copy.

    Alternatively, you can write to the Commercial Property Team at 1 Exchange Court, Brabourne Avenue, Wolverhampton, WV10 6AU or email Our team will investigate your request.

  • You are responsible for maintaining all the hedges and bushes within and around your garden jointly with your neighbours, the owners half of which will also follow the same principle as for fencing.