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Customer updates has been closed you may have been redirected here. If you're a Merlin customer and want to pay your rent or access SeeMyData head to the make a payment page, to report a repair submit the contact us form. 


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We're aware there's an issue with the online payments form on this page not appearing straight away. If the form has not loaded within 10 seconds, or has not loaded correctly, please refresh the page or try on another device. Alternatively, login via my account and follow the link back to the make a payment page. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Log in below and complete the fields to make a secure payment online. Bromford customers can check your rent account here

If you are a Merlin customer and would like to see your rent statement showing you the payments you have made you can sign up to our online residents system, SeeMyData, then you'll be able to view your rent statement whenever you want.

Keep your data secure - please ensure you log out using the link in the top of this page.

If you are a former tenant and would like to make a payment, please contact us

Merlin customers can make an online payment here

Severn Vale customers can make an online payment here