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Get back into work

If you're unemployed, finding a job and earning more money will increase the income into your home and help cover the cost of Bedroom Tax.

Also, if someone else in your home is over 18 and not in full time education but works or claims benefit, they will be expected to pay a contribution to your rent (see our non-dependant deductions page for details). Your housing benefit will be cut in line with this expected contribution so it is important that as many people as possible in your house find employment and contribute to the rent.

There are different ways we can help you and your household find employment:

Universal Jobmatch - This national website is run by the government and job-centre and lets you search through a huge variety of vacancies from unskilled to professional jobs. Click Here to visit the site.

National Careers Service - This is government run and gives you help and advice on building a CV, training and learning opportunities. Click here for more.