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I want to sell my shared ownership home

  • I want to sell my shared ownership home

    If you own a shared ownership home and want to sell it, our Resale Guide will tell you how step by step.

    Please complete the form below to inform us of your intention to sell. For this form you will need:

    • Memorandum of sale
    • RICS valuation
    • EPC valuation
    • Property photographs for Help to buy website
    • Any additional supporting documents

    Notification of intention to sell a shared ownership home

    Please enter the number without the % symbol

    Account details
    Account name: Bromford Housing Association Ltd
    Account no: 70207144
    Sort Code: 20-97-86
    Bank Address: Barclays Bank Plc, Queens Square, Wolverhampton
    Payment reference s/o resale

    Please upload at the end of the form

    If you have found a buyer for the property please upload the memorandum of sale at the end of the form.

    (Any purchaser will need to be assessed for shared ownership)
    To ensure the correct information is listed on the Help to Buy Agent website please tick from the following options which best describe your property.

    Select all that apply

    Other useful information

    If you do not already have a solicitor details of solicitors who have experience of dealing with shared ownership properties can be found on the Help to Buy Agent Website

    Estate agent

    On receipt of this form we will contact you to
    Let you know if we are required to nominate a purchaser for your property
    Let you know if there are any residency restrictions
    Let you know when you can instruct an Estate Agent
    Let you know the maximum % share which can be sold


    Documents to upload

    If you have not supplied the RICS valuation to the Existing home sales team your application we are unable to proceed with your request.

    We will process your personal data in line with the data protection law set out in our privacy notice.

    On receipt of your form and valuation documents we will:

    • List your property on a Help to Buy Agent site. The property will state the percentage you currently own. A buyer may be able to buy a larger percentage share or all of the property.

    We will let you know:

    • If we must obtain nominations from the local authority
    • If there are any restrictions in place on the sale of your property – e.g. the property may only be sold to people living or working in the local area
    • The maximum percentage share in your property that can be purchased
    • When you can put the property on the market with an estate agent.
  • Once a buyer is found:

    • Please fill out the form below. 

    Agreed sales form

    (this may not be more than the market valuation for the property)
    Please enter the number without the % symbol
    Please enter the number without the % symbol

    We will process your personal data in line with the data protection law set out in our privacy notice.

    Please write your answer in words, e.g. Three
    • We will carry out checks to ensure any potential viewer is eligible in principle for shared ownership.
    • We will provide information to your solicitor as well as the buyer's solicitor once a sale is agreed.
  • The share you own may not be sold for more than the market valuation. This is a condition of the lease.

    We do not receive any money from the sale other than an administration fee to cover our costs.

  • Any purchaser buying a share must qualify for shared ownership and register with a Help to Buy Agent. We will also carry out a more detailed assessment to ensure the purchaser meets our eligibility criteria. We are required to approve the mortgage offer for any purchaser and consent to the purchase as this is usually a condition of the lease.
    • You are responsible for your valuation and Energy Performance Certificate cost.
    • We will charge you an extremely competitive administration fee. This covers our costs for listing the property during our nomination period and our administration costs including responding to your, your solicitors and your buyers solicitors questions; assessing the purchaser and approving their mortgage offer. We do not provide the services of an Estate Agent. E.g. We do not produce sales particulars, provide a viewing service, signage or any marketing other than listing your property on a Help to Buy Agent's website.
    • If we confirm you can instruct an Estate Agent you will also be responsible for their fees. An agent will typically charge you 1 – 1.25% of the market value for their marketing services.
    • You have to pay your own solicitors costs.
  • For further information regarding solicitors please visit the Help to Buy agent for your area by using the links below:

    Help to Buy Midlands
    Help to Buy East and South East