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  • As a leaseholder you have special rights and responsibilities for your home. The lease is a legal contract between you and Bromford which sets out our responsibilities. 

    Your responsibilities:

    Pay your service charge and buildings insurance in full and on the first day of each month.

    Pay your Ground Rent either once or twice a year when we ask for this.

    Take out contents insurance.

    Maintain your home and carry out your own repairs.

    Ask our permission if you want to carry out alterations.

    Ask our permission if you want to sublet.

    Let us into the property after giving you notice to view the condition of the property or to repair an adjoining property or communal areas.

    Make an effort to sort out differences with neighbours. 
    Keep safe – arrange regular gas servicing.

    Deal with wasps, ants, insects, rats and other pests and vermin in your home. Your local authority will give you advice about this. We only treat infestations if they are within the communal areas we are responsible for.

    Obtain our permission before re-mortgaging.

    Not leave caravans, trailers, boats or other large items or untaxed vehicles on your drive or any shared area.

    Bromford’s responsibilities:
    Ensure buildings insurance is in place.

    Allow you to carry out your own improvements and alterations to the inside of your property - but you need our permission first.

    Maintain and repair any unadopted communal or shared areas, roads or grounds and the structure of apartments.

    Collect service charge payments from you and notify you of any changes. The leasehold advisory service can provide you with free advice on the law affecting residential leasehold property.

  • We arrange the buildings insurance on your home. There are some exceptions when someone else owns the freehold and another managing agent provides services. If this applies to you, we will have told you when you moved in.

    Our buildings insurance policy insures the structure against loss, destruction and damage. It does not cover damage or loss to the contents of your home - you need to insure for this.

    A buildings insurance summary of cover can be obtained here.

    To make a claim contact Arthur J Gallagher on 01245 341255 during office hours. You will need to quote 'Bromford Housing'. For out of hours emergencies only call Loss Adjusters through the VRS on 0800 206 1466

    If you need to make a claim contact: Rhian Hooper, Claims Manager at Arthur J Gallagher Housing
    Telephone: 01245 341229

    Find out more about making a claim.

    You need to take out your own contents insurance.

  • A lease typically lasts for 125 years or 99 years from the date the first person moved in.

    The length of a lease goes down over time. If the property is sold the original lease is simply assigned to the new owner rather than a new lease being created.

    Mortgage lenders are often unwilling to provide a mortgage on a property where there are less than 70 years left on the lease.

    There is a statutory right to a lease extension on a leasehold property. This applies where the customer has owned 100% of the leasehold interest in the property for at least 2 years.

    View the guide – lease extension getting started.

    To apply to extend the lease complete and return the leasehold lease extension request form.

  • If you own a Leasehold property you will need to instruct a solicitor to register any change of ownership on the property at the land registry. 

    If the property is leasehold and Bromford is the landlord, your solicitor will have to write to us to let us know about the change before we can update our records.

    The land registry will also ask for a written notice from Bromford to confirm we have been notified of the change.

    If you are adding a new person’s name onto the lease they may be required to enter into a Deed of Covenant with Bromford to agree to comply with the terms of the lease.

    If you have a mortgage on the property and the person/ people named on the mortgage is/are changing your lease may require a notice to be served on us as the landlord before the charge can be registered against the property at the land registry.

    We charge administration fees for providing the various documents required. 

  • You need our permission if you wish to carry out any improvements or alterations to your home such as:

    • Structural alterations 
    • Replacement kitchens or bathrooms 
    • Central heating 
    • Replacement doors 
    • Any heating or electrical installation / replacement

    You are not allowed to make changes to the structure of the building.

    Complete and return a Home Ownership alteration request form.
    If you wish to remortgage to fund the cost of improvement works, your mortgage lender also needs to contact us for permission.

  • If you live in a leasehold apartment you are responsible for all repairs to the inside of your property.

    This includes repairs to:
    • Central heating, water heaters and fitted fires 
    • Sockets switches and light fittings 
    • Baths, basins, sinks, toilets, cisterns and waste pipes 
    • Drains and waste pipes.

    We or another managing agent are responsible for:

    • Communal entrances, halls, lifts, passageways, rubbish chutes and other communal parts 
    • External repairs and painting of the exterior of the apartment and any communal areas on a set cycle.

    Report a repair - To report a repair to the structure of the building or communal areas please call us on 0330 1234 034.

  • You may need to ask our permission to sublet the property if your lease requires this.

    If you have a mortgage on the property, you may also need your mortgage lenders permission.

    If you sublet a property you remain responsible for all service charges and any ground rent payable for the property.

    Complete a request to sublet form.

  • When a sale is agreed on a leasehold property , your solicitor will need to write to us to let us know.

    They will ask for some management information about the lease and about service charge and ground rent payments.

    The buyers solicitors will also need to serve a notice on us to enable the property to be registered in the new owners name at the land registry.

  • Find out more here.

  • We will consult you before undertaking any cyclical or planned works which you are required to contribute to under the terms of your transfer. These could include resurfacing an access road or a car park for example.

  • Administration fees are changed for a range of services provided to homeowners. These services are not included within the service charge. Payment of the fee is required in advance of the service being provided.

    All fees include VAT and are reviewed on 1 April each year based on the actual cost of providing services.

    Find out more about what the administrative charges are here.

    These fees are for Bromford’s administration services only. Additional fees may apply – e.g. valuation fees and/or Bromford‘s legal fees as well as your own legal fees.