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Locality Influence Network

Customers part of the West of England Locality Influence Network have over the months constructively challenged Bromford to improve its services in areas such as such damp and condensation, garages, improving communication especially in relation to repairs. Customers also help influence the way community grants are allocated in the area.  

What does customer Debra Nott think of being involved?

Customers get involved for many reasons, the most common reasons include:

Holding us to account.
Embracing and promoting the values of social housing.
Learning new skills through doing and training.
Gaining new experiences, meeting new people and keeping your mind and body active. 

Latest LIN update

Date: 20 May 2020

West of England customers focus on new homes defects

A lot of new homes are built in the West of England locality which helps deal with the housing shortage that is having a negative impact on society.

This means that the topic of defects (the after care service once a home is handed over to Bromford) is an important topic to LIN customers especially when complaints about this issue are on the rise. Customers were intrigued and wanted to understand why this was the case? Customers invited Sarah Durbin (Defects Co-Ordinator) to explain her role in the West of England locality, and how she deals with defects within the first twelve months of a property being handed over to Bromford. Sarah was able to explain that a good number of complaints are due to the fact that what customers define as defects are not classified as defects and therefore cannot be covered. However, Sarah acknowledged that defects do happen and that the important issue in her mind is how Bromford manages and responds to legitimate defects – all in a timely manner. Sarah explained to customers how this was done and added that Bromford is working on making improvements to the way a defect can be reported online so that pictures can be shared easily and evidence securely collected.