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[Last updated 27/03/20 at 15.40]

We would like to reassure all customers that in this ever changing situation, we will continue to act upon government announcements and will change our guidance and advice accordingly. We will keep this page regularly updated as things progress.

Contacting us

  • Yes. However, we are having to manage significant demand so it is possible you may experience a delay in us responding to your call – but please be patient and we will answer as soon as we possibly can. Please consider avoiding calling during peak periods, first thing in the morning or over the lunch period. There are many services you can use online, such as paying your rent or checking your latest rent statement, you can go online at: for Bromford customers if you have a Merlin tenancy if you have a Severn Vale Housing Association tenancy  

  • The vast majority of our neighbourhood coaches are working and are doing this remotely via telephone and video chat where possible.  There are some essential activities which they will be doing on patch.  Please contact them in the normal way.  If for any reason they are not available, they will leave a message on their phone and email telling you who to contact in their absence. 

    Find your neighbourhood coach 

  • All of our offices are now closed to customers until further notice. If you have a query, please contact your neighbourhood coach, who will be able to assist you. 

    Find your neighbourhood coach


  • Following the Government’s announcement on Monday 23 March, we will only be carrying out emergency and any immediately dangerous repairs to customers’ homes until further notice. Any non-emergency repairs will be suspended for the time being.

    If anyone in your household is in self-isolation, please notify us. Follow this link and fill in the form at the bottom of the page to let us know if you are self isolating.  

    We recognise this is disruptive, but we need to ensure we follow government guidelines to ensure the safety of both our customers and colleagues and the need to prioritise our emergency services.  

  • We will continue to carry out emergency and immediately dangerous repairs for households where people are self-isolating with coronavirus symptoms. However, we will require you to follow a few simple steps which are in accordance with the guidance from Public Health England: 

    • to remain at least two metres away from any workeror ideally in another room, with the door closed. We will ask that doors and windows remain open to ventilate the area  
    • the engineer will wear protective gloves and use certified hand sanitizer before and after the visit, they will be required to leave the gloves on site for you to dispose of  

    If you are unable to follow these requests, you will appreciate that unfortunately our engineer will remove themselves from the property. 

  • Call or email our customer service centre who will look to cancel or make another appointment for you. Please give us a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation where possible.

  • We have temporarily suspended all our planned improvement work to customers’ homes to install things like new kitchens, bathrooms and boilers. We will be in touch with you to reschedule this work once the coronavirus crisis is over.

  • As we appreciate the circumstances of each customer could be quite different, we will need to consider each request on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your neighbourhood coach in the first instance. 

Safety and compliance

  • We are continuing to deliver this service to ensure customer safety. However, if you have an appointment already booked but you or someone in your household is now self-isolating and/or have a confirmed or suspected coronavirus case, please contact us as soon as possible. In this instance we will defer the gas service until the self-isolation period has ended and there are no confirmed or suspected cases of coronavirus within the household.

  • We want to ensure our customers are safe and so we will continue to carry out these tests as planned.
    We will defer any tests in homes where customers are self-isolating with symptoms or if there is a confirmed case. Please let us know if this applies to you and we will rearrange our visit until your period of self-isolation has ended

  • We are not continuing with our planned electrical inspection programme at this time. However we will continue to monitor the situation closely and will update this page if this changes.

  • We feel it is important we to continue to complete safety inspection / work. We recognise this may change if government policy changes, we will therefore keep you informed. In some circumstances we will postpone / rearrange some works to ensure priority pieces of work are completed.


  • We are always here to support customers to sustain their tenancies, and we will provide support where we can to anyone that has concerns about paying their rent. If you are struggling to pay your rent because you have been impacted by coronavirus, we would ask you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your situation.   

    In order to continue to provide our services and to maintain your homes, we must still collect rent, but no customer will be evicted for being unable to pay their rent because of the impact of coronavirus.   

    We commit to not taking any unreasonable action to recover rent arrears that accrue during any period of financial difficulty resulting from the impact of the virus. We will work with our customers to find affordable solutions in order to help people through the difficulties they are experiencing.   

    Our aim is always to do everything possible to ensure our customers can sustain their tenancies and remain in their homes. 

  • Please call your neighbourhood coach, we are here to help. Your neighbourhood coach will be able to talk you through your circumstances and provide advice.

    You can find the details for your neighbourhood coach here.

    Alternatively you can also contact a member of our customer services team by contacting us here.

    If required, a member of our customer services team or your neighbourhood coach can refer you through to an income management adviser to contact you to discuss your situation with you in more detail.  

  • For customers impacted by coronavirus who are: 

    • already claiming benefits 
    • needing to make a new claim for financial support 
    • employed or self employed  

    Please follow the link to the guidance provided by the government in relation to the various options available for extra support and measures, including claiming sick pay and Universal Credit. 

Where I live

Moving home (excluding shared ownership, outright sale)

  • As a result of the government announcement on Monday 23 March, we have stopped all new lettings until further notice. This does not mean you will be unable to move into the new home in the future.

    If you have already been offered a home with us, following a visit or telephone contact from a neighbourhood coach, then the property will be held for you until we are able to let our homes again. We are looking at ways that would enable customers to accept a new property from us and move in without the need for face to face contact. We will keep in touch with you by telephone or email with any updates.

    If you feel you are in an emergency situation and need to move urgently, please send an email to our lettings service on and one of our colleagues will contact you.

  • If you have already been offered a new build home with Bromford and were just waiting for a date to move in you should have been contacted by a Lettings colleague to tell you how have been affected. Most construction sites have closed for the time being and if this situation changes we will let you know of any new date for moving.

    If you have not had any contact from a lettings colleague please email and someone will contact you with more information.

    We will be contacting everyone currently being considered for one of our homes in order to discuss individual circumstances and next steps. 

  • Unfortunately, we may not be able to hold a home for you for this extended period of time. This will depend on how the current restrictions on movement affect our ability to let our homes in the coming weeks.

    There is a chance that we may need to use the home you were being considered for to house a family in an emergency. We would only do this after taking all circumstances into account and we will talk to you about this.

    We will be contacting everyone currently being considered for one of our homes in order to discuss individual circumstances and to see whether we continue with your application. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact us on

  • We are not able to offer a tenancy to anyone who is unable to prove their identification (ID) to us along with their Right to Rent a home (immigration status). If you do not have the identification available that we ask for, then we would not be able to continue with your application. 

    One of our lettings colleagues will talk you through the types of identification that are acceptable and it is very important that you let us know as soon as you can if producing the correct ID will be an issue for you. 

    You may be able to reapply for another Bromford home in the future once you have the necessary ID available. 

  • If you have already told us you wish to end your tenancy with us, you should have already been contacted by a colleague from the lettings team.

    The government advice is that no one should be moving home during this period of restricted movement unless absolutely essential. Even if you feel it is essential you should be aware that you may find it difficult to access removal services and other services you may need to facilitate a move. In these times of uncertainty our advice is that you cancel or extend your tenancy termination notice.

    • You can cancel your notice to terminate your tenancy and decide you are no longer going to move. Please contact us on if you wish to withdraw your notice and stay in your current home. If you are unsure you may also contact your neighbourhood coach to talk through your options.
    • You can extend your notice period to a date in the future. Please note this will mean you remain responsible for all charges until the end of the tenancy. It is very important that you keep us updated about any changes you wish to make to the end of the tenancy date as we will need to agree this with you. Please contact us on
    • If you do decide that you have no other option but to end your tenancy with us on the date agreed with us, then you will need to leave your keys, as instructed, in the key safe that has been fitted. Please contact us to let us know you have done this. You can contact the or your neighbourhood coach. Please consider carefully whether your move is essential and you are able to make arrangements to clear the property of all of your goods and leave it in a good condition, the garden should also be tidy and maintained. You may be charged if any belongings are left behind or the property is in a poor condition.
  • Moving into a new home can be expensive and comes with a number of costs in addition to paying your month’s rent when signing your tenancy agreement. You will need to consider all the costs such as new carpets, furniture, removal costs and decide whether it is the right time for you to move.

    One of our neighbourhood coaches will carry out an affordability assessment before we make an offer of a home to you. The neighbourhood coach will be able to advise you on any benefit entitlement during this affordability assessment or tell you where you may be able to get more advice and support if you are concerned about debts.

  • We have currently suspended the Mutual Exchange service until further notice.  We will not be consenting to any exchanges and if you already had an exchange date agreed this is likely to be cancelled.

    If you have applied but we have not yet agreed to the exchange, we will suspend your application until such time that the government has indicated that people can go about their daily business normally and without restrictions.

    We have contacted all customers who have applications under consideration to explain how they are affected by this. If you have not heard from us please email and a colleague will contact you as soon as possible.

  • This will depend on a number of things including whether the new home has had all necessary repairs completed and whether we will be able to complete a sign up with you whilst following all the government guidelines on the delivery of essential services and social distancing. It is most likely that we are only able to deal with emergency housing in the next few weeks and we are working with our local authority partners to achieve this.

    We will make contact with you regularly if you have already been offered a home with us. If you have any additional questions or haven’t had any recent contact from a Lettings colleague please email us at


Other queries

  • All our colleagues and contractors will show you their identification before entering your home. Please check this and if you have any concerns then call us for verification.

    All our colleagues and contractors are being issued with regular updates on government guidance. They have been issued with the appropriate personal protective equipment and advice on how to help keep themselves and customers safe. We are also following Government guidance in respect of any colleagues who may need to self-isolate.


  • Face masks are only recommended and considered necessary for those providing extended and close personal contact with others. As our work durations are generally short and we are not providing close personal care services, they are not deemed necessary. However, should government advice change we will obviously review this and consider changing. 

  • You may not know, which is why we must all follow the government’s advice on social distancing, hand washing and not touching your face with hands which have not been washed. 

    For more information visit the NHS information page.

  • Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, 23 March 2020, we have decided to temporarily suspend all non-emergency repairs and planned work to customers’ homes until further notice. We will also be carrying out vital safety inspections during this time.
    You can still contact your neighbourhood coach to discuss any issues or concerns you have about your tenancy.

    Find your neighbourhood coach

  • There is some work we need to do, such as tree maintenance close to road junctions, to ensure areas remain safe and accessible to the general public. In these instances we will continue to provide our grounds maintenance service. We will also continue to undertake essential work at schemes to ensure customers can access open spaces safely while sticking to the government’s guidance around social distancing.

    All play parks, however, have been closed for the time being.

  • We can all continue to look out for each other, following the government guidance on social distancing and hand washing.  If you are concerned about one of your neighbours, please let your neighbourhood coach know. 

  • Understandably, you may find that social distancing can be boring or frustrating. You may find your mood and feelings are affected and you may feel low, worried or have problems sleeping and you might miss being outside with other people.  There are simple things you can do that may help, to stay mentally and physically active during this time such as: 

    • look for ideas of exercises you can do at home on the NHS website  
    • spend time doing things you enjoy – this might include reading, cooking, other indoor hobbies or listening to the radio or watching TV programmes 
    • try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, drink enough water, exercise regularly, and try to avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs 
    • keep your windows open to let in fresh air, get some natural sunlight if you can, or get outside into the garden 
    • You can also go for a walk outdoors if you stay more than two metres from others. 
Whilst we are working to avoid service disruption, should colleague and contractor resource levels be affected we will prioritise services to minimise the impact to health, safety and wellbeing of all. We know this is a challenging and unprecedented time and we appreciate your help and support during this period.