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New life for Holyhead Road site

A derelict patch of ground in Telford has been given a new leaseof life by Bromford, one of the region's leading affordable housingand specialist support providers, who have turned the formerbrownfields site into a new 52 home development.

The unique development on Holyhead Rd, Telford, contains of amixture of affordable homes for rent, shared ownership properties for those lookingto move into their first home, as well as a supportscheme for adults with learning difficulties.

At an official key handover ceremony yesterday, local councilorshad a chance to tour the £7m development and meet some of the newresidents, including Gina Lloyd, who said the new home would "opena new chapter in my life".

She continued, "I move in on Friday and it can't come quickenough, I'm so excited to be able to call somewhere my home. I'vestarted a new job so it's a mad exciting time, but this propertywill help me move forward with my life. I'm so happy, I feel likeeverything is looking up for me."

The innovative development, a first for Bromford's in-house construction team BDL, sees a mixtureof sustainable homes with unique features such as solar panelingand heat recovery systems. The scheme also makes use of'Homezones'; an initiative that sees shared surface areas for cars,pedestrians, and cyclists to encourage lower vehicle speeds. 

All 52 properties are also 'lifetime homes', designed for peopleof all ages and fully accessible, so residents won't have to moveout due to mobility issues in later life.

This development is a landmark project for Bromford, with allarms of the business working on one site. Including a housingrelated support scheme from Bromford Support, shared ownershiphomes from Bromford Homes and rental properties from BromfordLiving, the site has allowed Bromford's in-house construction teamto gain valuable experience at building a variety of family homesthat use the latest in housing innovation, while maintaining anaffordable price.

Bromford Development Manager Jo Noakes believes theHollyHead Rd development is a significant milestone for Bromfordand the wider community.

She said; "This is as fantastic development, with thequality of design and construction something to be trully proud offor all involved. This scheme is an excellent example ofpartnership working between Bromford and the council and hassuccessfully transformed a derelict site and provided much needed,high quality, energy efficient accommodation for local residents."

 "We're not in the business of building properties, we'rein the business of building homes and creating thriving newcommunities. Hopefully this will be the start of a longrelationship helping to regenerate housing across Telford."

Councilor Charles Smith, Telford and Wrekin Cabinet Member for HousingRegeneration & Economic Development, praised the scheme for itsdesign and for helping transform a disused 'eyesore' in Ketley.

He said; "It is amazing to see this eyesore brownfield sitetided up and transformed into a marvelous estate. The borough is invital need of new properties, and with Bromford's track record ofproducing high quality homes, we will continue to work with themfor the foreseeable future.

"This site is a fantastic example of what partnership workingcan produce, with well-designed buildings that blend well together,as well as a safe open space for families. We look forward toseeing the same great work across the Telford Small sitesproject." 

Ketley and Oakengates Councilor Hilda Rhodes was alsooverwhelmed by Holyhead Rd. She said; "I was so happy when Bromfordput in a planning application to regenerate this site.

"I've always lived in this area, and it's great to see the sitereturn to its former glory, providing housing for my constituents.The whole project has been fantastic, and it's great to see asupport scheme for adults with learning difficulties, promotingtheir own independence." 

Bromford will continue to run tests on the efficiency of thesustainable homes, with the hope of bringing more eco-friendlyhomes to others developments across Telford.

Notes to editors:

For more information, contact Communications Specialist JarrodWilliams on 01902396824, email ortweet @jarrodwilliams 

Photo: Bromford Executive Director Nick Cummins(Left) with homeowner Gina Lloyd and Cllr Charles Smith

Street Names:

`Beards Row' is named aftera patch of land opposite the development which is known asBeards Patch.

`Pauline Close' is namedafter the late Councillor Pauline Picken, Ketley Parish Councillorand former Chair of the Council. Pauline also lived very close tothe development (Sandbrook). 


holyhead walking
Holyhead home
home angle 2
Supported Housing (adults with learning difficulties)
  • 7 x 1 bed apartments
  • Resource unit for Support Workers
  • 4 x 2 bed maisonettes
  • 7 x 2 bed houses
  • 10 x 3 bed houses
  • 6 x 4 bed houses
Shared Ownership
  • 10 x 2 bed houses
  • 5 x 3 bed houses
  • 2 x 4 bed houses 

The Homes & Communities Agency were unable to provide grantfunding for this scheme due to applications being made late in afour year programme when all grants had been allocated. Verysupportive of this mixed tenure schem, the HCA approved Bromfordutilising monies from a 'recycled grant pot'. 


All homes are designed and constructed to meet...

  • Homes & Communities Agency - Design & QualityStandards
  • 100% lifetime Homes
  • Housing Quality Indicators
  • 48 homes at Code for sustainable homes Level 3
  • 2 homes at Code for sustainable homes Level 4
  • 2 homes at Code for sustainable homes Level 6