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Complete solution to money management for vulnerable people.

Moneymates is our unique corporate appointee and money management service that helps vulnerable individuals to manage their financial affairs.

It covers the whole range of DWP benefits and works to maximise income by taking over the responsibility of claiming and receiving the correct amount on behalf of vulnerable people.

We support customers to create a financial support plan and help them manage their bills, personal allowance and encourage them to save.

Bromford is registered with the DWP as a corporate appointee.

There's lots more information about the range of tailored and flexible solutions in the online Moneymates brochure.

 If you'd like more information check out our FAQs or complete the form below:

  • The Moneymates team are responsible for claiming and receiving DWP welfare benefits into a specialist appointee account on behalf of their customers.

    Our role is to support customers with the everyday management of their financial affairs including paying bills such as rent and utilities, providing access to a personal allowance and encouraging them to save a percentage of their income.

    Wherever possible we support customers to develop money management skills and promote financial independence.

  • The Moneymates team are part of Bromford, a not-for-profit organisation. Our service is built on years of experience and we are experts in the field of appointeeships, money management and welfare benefits. Moneymates is highly recommended by leading UK care providers.

  • We assess all new customers to establish the level of support they require and match them to a range of different levels of service we offer which can be tailored to their individual needs.

    Wherever possible, our empowering service aims to increase the customer’s financial independence and so we review the level of service on a regular basis. Details of each level of service can be found in our brochure.

  • Whilst we help with daily money management tasks the Moneymates service does not override the individual’s rights to access their money and spend it how they wish.

    Our aim is to support customers to be as independent as possible and we empower them to make their own decisions regarding how they spend their money whilst supporting them to do this responsibly.

  • It is important to us that customers feel empowered and supported and not controlled; we ensure they have access to information about how we manage their money and are properly consulted and in agreement with any financial decisions we make.

    In some circumstances, customers may have a family member or care organisation acting on their behalf in which case we always ensure any decisions are made responsibly and in their best interests.

  • We take the worry and stress of money management away from our customers leaving them free to focus and enjoy other things. We promote independence and support them to make responsible decisions about their own finances; teaching them valuable skills to avoid future financial hardship.

    We help our customers make the most of their money and enable them to access things such as leisure activities or clubs that they may have been unable to afford before and by encouraging them to save, we have helped many of our customers to go on holiday for the first time.

  • We provide a bespoke direct payment management service for customers in receipt of direct payments. More information about this can be found in our brochure.

  • Anyone can refer a customer to the service including social workers, occupational therapists or community care nurses, care providers and family members.

    For more information or to request a referral form please contact the Moneymates team.

  • You can contact the Moneymates team on the form below or by calling us on 01902 396718

  • Our role is to support and not control. It is very important that individuals and/or their family are properly consulted and fully agree with the proposals put forward.
  • We provide a bespoke direct payments financial management service for customers throughout central England. We work with various agencies and families to help customers with various disabilities manage the financial side of direct payments.

 Complete the form below for more information: