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We develop homes

There's a huge need for more homes and it's getting harder and harder for young people to find good quality homes that they can afford - whether that's to rent or to buy.

Our new homes business is a real partnership effort that pulls together the tremendous skills and expertise of colleagues in developmentsales and our in-house construction team (Bromford Developments Limited).

Our success in delivering hundreds of affordable new homes each year also relies on our strong partnerships with more than 30 local authorities and private developers. Find out more about where we operate.

We plan to invest £335 million in total over the next five years, delivering about 600 homes per year.

We use our own in-house construction team so that we maximise profit in order to reinvest that money in more homes for rent and shared ownership.

Putting this all together gives us much greater control over our own destiny at a time when grant money is scarce or non-existent - and yet the need for affordable housing remains as strong as ever.