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Tell us how it really is

We need you to tell us what you think, so we can make improvements and deliver a service that leaves you wanting to recommend us to your friends.

We are open and transparent about our performance and 'how we're doing'. Click on the headings below to give us your feedback or find out more about how we're doing.

You can also visit the Bromford Lab - our experimental area where we test out new services and products. We would really like it if you would take a look and tell us what you think, it really gives you a say on your services before we launch them. After all - they are being designed for you.


Give us your feedback

We need you to share your feelings with us so that we know where we need to make improvements, as we want to deliver a service that leaves you wanting to recommend us to your friends. As a thank you, we’ll enter your details into our monthly prize draw of £100!

Maureen C. from Staffordshire did exactly that! 

Maureen moved into her new Bromford home back in March and answered one of our surveys after settling in. Amy, our feedback advisor, called Maureen with the great news that she had won the prize;

I thought the call was about my bungalow when Amy said she was from Bromford, but when she told me that I had won the £100 I was elated - I’ve never won anything before

Maureen saw this as a great opportunity to decorate her new home with the winnings, buying new lampshades and generally making her new home that much more cosy!

You can tell us what you think of our services through any of the ways shown below:

Online: Complete a feedback form


Text: 07797 805644


Twitter: @Bromfordhelp

Our latest performance

We listen to you in many ways, either by phone, text, email and even social media like Facebook and Twitter – and we wanted you to know how we are performing!

We have a new (and very different) way of presenting the feedback you have given us over the last year in this infographic

We'd also like to hear your thoughts about the way we have presented these, head over to the Bromford Lab to let us know!

View our latest performance here.

Customer Annual Review 2013

This year we really wanted you, the customer, to be actively involved in shaping our customer annual review. We decided that we were going to let our customers share their feedback and stories: good or bad, in whatever format they wanted. We had blogs, pictures, videos and we even had thoughts jotted down on napkins. The variety of content is what made this year’s review special, it made it real.

View our latest 2012/13 Performance Infographic or click on the image below to view the Annual Review...

Customer Annual Review 510


Value for money

If you want to know more about our Value for Money (VfM) Self Assessment, click here.