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Do I need your consent to alter or improve my home?

Yes, you must get our written permission before you start any work. Please complete the 'Request for permission to improve' form. We may want to inspect your home first.

We'll get back to you in writing within 28 days of receiving all the information we need from you. Permission is then valid for 12 months.

If you don't get round to completing the work by then, you'll need to apply for an extension.

If you have a starter tenancy, you won't be given permission to carry out an improvement or alteration within your first year.

If the property is a new build and still within the 12 month defects period, you won't be given permission to carry out an improvement or alteration.

You may need other permissions from the local council, such as planning permission or building regulations approval.

Also, if the work is to gas, electrical or water services, you will need to follow the relevant rules and provide certificates to show that the work complies with regulations.

Who will pay for the work?

You must pay for all the costs of altering and improving your home.

Who is responsible for maintaining my improvements?

You are responsible for the cost of maintaining and repairing the improvements.

Who can I ask to do the work?

A competent professional must do all the work. We may inspect the work to ensure they have done it to a suitable/required standard.

For some improvements, you may have to use someone who is suitably experienced, qualified, and registered with another specialist organisation.

For example, you must use a Gas Safe-Registered contractor for gas work. We can tell you about this when you apply for permission to do the work.

An approved electrician must do all the electrical work. By 'approved', we mean that before the electrical work starts, you must give us proof of the qualifications of anyone doing electrical work to your home, and their current membership of one of the five governing bodies - NICEIC, NAPIT, ECA, BSI or ELECSA.

Work on water pipes must comply with regulations.

Do I need to provide any documents?

We may ask that you provide scale drawings, specification of materials, details of who will be undertaking the works and any necessary statutory approvals.

You will need to obtain and submit these with your application if they are required for the work you're carrying out.

If you don't provide the requested documents, a surveyor won't be able to visit you to discuss what work will be carried out.

Certificates which we have requested for minor works such as showers must be received by Bromford two weeks after completion.

Will you need to inspect the work?

Bromford will visit your property to inspect any major works after completion.

Any relevant certificates must be received at the time of this visit.

If you leave...

If you want to leave your home, we expect you to leave it in good condition.

If there are repairs related to the improvement works you are responsible for, you will need to arrange and pay for them to be done.

We may need you to return the property to its original state so you may be required to remove, alter or replace improvements. You must arrange and pay for this work.

Please do not start work before you have our written permission.

If you are a homeowner looking to carry out an improvement, click here to find out more and to submit your request.

If you have already carried out improvements and you are looking to leave your property, you may qualify for compensation. Find out if you qualify here.

If you wish to carry out an alteration to your property, click the 'next' button below to submit a request form.

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