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Getting Prepared for Welfare Reform

What can I do?

Increase your payments

If you have the money available you can use it to cover the cost of any changes and stay in your current home. The best thing you can do is pay a little extra in order to get in advance on your rent account and build up some savings for other bills. Even small amounts will mount up over the weeks.

Take a lodger

You may be able to earn additional income from a lodger, but remember to check with us first to ensure your tenancy agreement allows it.


You can swap houses with someone else living in a housing association or council property which has fewer bedrooms, but first you must find someone to swap with. is a website that helps you find properties to swap with in your area you want to live in.

Bromford Homeswap

We have created a Facebook page for our customers looking to swap the property they rent. Simply post the type of property you have and the property you are looking for. Make sure you read the guidance notes on how to use the page.

Choice Based Lettings

Your local council may offer a 'Choice Based Lettings' scheme. If you are looking for a new home, rather than a waiting list, properties are now advertised online through a local council or authority. This makes the allocation of properties simpler and more transparent, allowing you to make a choice about where you live.

Find a job

If you want help in getting back into work, training, education or work experience you can contact our Opportunities Team. This team will look into what is available and what they can do to help you move back into the world of work.

Manage your money

If you have any cash concerns you can contact our Money Advice Team. They can provide you with FREE, confidential advice on how to manage your money and clear any debts you have.

Get Online

If you're applying for Universal Credit, you will need to claim and manage your payments online. There are many local libraries that have free access to the internet and offer course for beginners on using computers and the internet.


To find out library or course near you, click here

To learn how to use a computer and how to use the internet, as well as finding a course near you, click here

To access any of the above services please contact us