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Proud to be different

Here at Bromford, we're a bit different, we aim to inspire people to be their best by trying new ways of doing things. Although we do alot of serious work, we inject some fun into what we do, asking colleagues to 'make a difference everyday'.

Watch the video below to see colleagues explain that in their own words. 

We ask colleagues to Be Bromford and that's about sharing our DNA, of which there are four strands.

Be Good

We are an ethical business, a force for good. We work with integrity, trust and fairness. We respect people and our world and do our bit to make things better. We add value to UK PLC.

Be Brave

It's about us being adventurous, creative and open minded. We try new things and we are positive about change. We've made and will make the odd mistake along the way but bravery has led us to a lot of success and will continue to do so.

Be Different

We want to stand out from the crowd. We love different ideas, views and experiences, they feed our creativity and bring us solutions. A mantra to our colleagues is 'add a bit of you in everything you do'. Whilst we're serious about what we do, we have fun doing it.

Be Commercial

Profitability and having cash is essential, without it we wouldn't be here. We do more with less or better for the same. We encourage everyone to release their inner accountant.